Who is CCA Global Partners?

CCA Global Partners is a group of 13 companies aggregating billions of dollars in annual purchasing power.

What is a Cooperative?

A jointly owned enterprise operated by its members for their mutual benefit engaging in the production or distribution of goods or the supplying of services.

Why cooperatives work:

It’s based on entrepreneurship—that most reliable of engines that makes our economy run.

This is not an overstatement: the entrepreneurial spirit is what drives the entire CCA Global enterprise. It is the very core of what motivates our associated business owners. Freedom of spirit and self-discipline is, after all, what moved them to start a business in the first place. It is a point we never forget. Our model is one of enablement. It begins with the dimension of building economies of scale, specifically by providing better buying power and collaborative marketing and advertising. Through our business model, our members, franchisees, and licensees have developed an amazing synergy; by collectively leveraging the strength of their groups, together we have enormous buying and marketing power.

CCA Global Partners

Considered together, CCA Global’s flooring affiliates represent the largest group of flooring retailers in the world. The business model that created it is both the foundation of our success and our base for future growth. Our lighting, sports retail, and business services affiliates are becoming leaders in their industries in great part due to our focus on giving business owners the edge with independent business platforms.

Over the years, CCA Global has demonstrated that our experience in management and marketing is transferable. It is a proven system that creates powerful new brand identities where there were none; identities that are consistent with the needs of consumers, comprised of entrepreneurs seeking a more profitable, integrated solution for their businesses. It is the integration of these market segments that will continue to add further dimensions to CCA Global, while allowing us to retain a clear focus on the changing customer and the continued success of our members, licensees, and franchisees.


Carpet One Floor & Home®
Carpet One Canada®
CCA for Social Good®
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Home Solutions & MultiFamily Solutions by Floor Expo®
Innovia Community Management Cooperative®/Community & Owners Buying Organization
International Design Guild
Lighting One®
ProSource Wholesale Floorcoverings®
The Bike Cooperative®

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