“Vesta first started working with Centergy when we took over an association that was already utilizing their debt recovery program, DirectLink. Centergy’s DirectLink service was efficient and effective in recovering over 75% of the accounts within the first 90 days. We met with our DirectLink account manager and learned that the service did not cost the association any out of pocket fees, even in the event of a bankruptcy. We’ve been utilizing DirectLink companywide for over a year now with the same great results each month, and with the 10 month recovery guarantee, it’s been a low risk option for all our associations. The open lines of communication between the management company, board members and homeowners makes Centergy’s DirectLink service, by far, the fastest and most respectful way to recover delinquent assessments.”

Bob Stevens, Vesta Property Services

I signed up for the Sprint discount through COBO. I was just informed that I will save 19% off of my phone line, which is the primary line on my account. They extended great customer service to me through the COBO representative and the Sprint representative. I should see the discount within the next 2 months on my bill. Thank you so much for this savings benefit!

Veda Burton, Chaparral Management Company, Inc.

I wanted to let everyone know of my recent experience using the COBO–Office Max program. We needed to buy a new printer, an HP M603DN, list price of over $2,200. We checked pricing but found most in the mid $1,700 range. Office Max provided it to us at $1,539 with free shipping (printers weigh quite a bit) and delivered it in three days. We saved $170 over the best price and got free shipping! Thanks COBO!

Mark D. Jones, The Avalon Management Group, Inc., AAMC

CCA Global Partners is a leader in the formation and operation of Cooperatives across the United States and in other parts of the world. They have the people, systems and expertise necessary to make COBO a huge success. With our input they are identifying appropriate opportunities to give each member a huge competitive advantage both with local competitors and against the national operators as well. They are committing both the financial resources and operational experts necessary to take this from a vision to a very successful reality. As a result I am fully committed to its success.

Lou Gargiulo, Great North Property Management, Inc.

I was concerned about swapping service providers. I thought it would be a headache, but with ADP the transition was top-notch. Nick Zuccala and ADP were there to service my needs at all times and answer any questions or concerns. The value of ADP was exactly what was presented and they topped my expectations. I recommend ADP to anyone who is looking into the program.

Letty Munoz, Chaparral Management Company, Inc.

I thought switching service providers would be a lot of work, but the process was seamless and easy. Sprint went above and beyond for my business and Veronica Pratt, our Savings Consultant, was there every step of the way.

Sprint is an exceptional partner and I would recommend them to any other business. Sprint delivered the value that was presented for the monthly cost and we are happy to report a savings of $135.00 per month than when we were with Verizon Wireless.

Chris Johnson, Christian Building Materials Inc.

USCO first became aware of the AIP Solutions merchant services program through BizUnite at the annual BLUE HAWK meeting. As requested, we provided a copy of our current merchant statements to AIP for review. We had been processing with our bank for years, but to our surprise the BizUnite/BLUE HAWK pricing indicated a preliminary cost savings of approximately $100,000 per year.

Of course, USCO was anxious to take advantage of the large savings and subsequently authorized all ten or our locations to use your services. The “blanket” approval process made the paperwork side seamless. We were not required to provide financials or execute a personal guarantee. I would highly recommend AIP Solutions merchant services to any BLUE HAWK member or any other prospective company.

Steven Kantor, United Supply Co (USCO)

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