At one time or another in your life you’ve most likely been through a background screening. They’ve become increasingly popular over the years as organizations are continually on the lookout for new ways to mitigate their risk, and conducting background checks is an effective and easy way to do so. Researching the histories and stated capabilities of individuals is always sound business practice and it applies to tenants and vendors as well!


Conducting background screenings on prospective tenants or employees demonstrates that the owner of the property or business is taking reasonable measures to mitigate future problems. Failure to conduct the most basic of background screening places any organization at risk for a lawsuit. Particularly if information about a tenant or employee’s past criminal history was not discovered because a background check was not done.   The immortal words of President Ronald Regan “Trust But Verify” should be the mantra of every employer hiring an individual or any landlord or leasing agent renting out an apartment or home. Accepting an applicant’s word on face value is commendable, however, the prudent employer, landlord or leasing agent understands that verification of the information submitted on the application of an applicant is vital for maintaining a safe environment.


Partnering with a respected and capable background-screening firm can make all the difference when it comes to conducting these checks. Consider the background-screening provider as a partner who has your best interests in mind. The company should be customer friendly and focused on providing you with the most accurate report on your applicant. The background screening company you use should have trained research staff who are knowledgeable, friendly, and readily available. The best background screeners have staff members who are experienced, can clearly interpret a reported record, and are eager to assist you with your inquiries.


By partnering with an established background-screening provider, you can help minimize theft in your organization, disturbances in your community, lessen the possibility of violence, demonstrate proper due diligence and protect your organization’s good name!


Background screenings should be part of your comprehensive vetting process for either employment or leasing. Innovia Community Management Cooperative has partnered with the best in the industry to bring you a background screening company you’ll be happy to have on your side. Innovia’s exclusive rates also ensures you’re getting the best price possible for your screenings.


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