Renegotiate Your Waste Costs to Save Money


Trash service can be expensive but there are ways to save money on this expense. This year’s budget may be complete, but how will you handle the increases that will be needed next year? It’s time to lower your expenses!


Waste haulers and recycling companies are complicating your budget – and you may not even be aware of it. Price increases, incorrect bills, missed pick ups, and service charges from your waste hauler are commonplace in the industry, but finding those mistakes and fighting for corrections is time-consuming and painful. And they rely on the fact most communities won’t fight.


Then there are built-in inefficiencies that are never brought to your attention; for instance, did you know it costs more money to make multiple pick-ups each week with smaller dumpsters than fewer pickups with larger containers?


It takes time and effort to manage waste, and so many communities have learned the way to save is by partnering with someone who specializes in negotiating these costs. Waste brokers manage your trash for you. They work on your behalf to streamline your waste hauling processes and increase your single-stream recycling rate.


Expect your program to:

  • Visit your community and perform a complementary audit of your current trash collection and disposal systems.
  • Make recommendations for the right sized equipment to meet your needs
  • Adjust collection schedules so that you are paying to transport only full containers, not air
  • Maximize your recycling opportunities with the goal of diverting waste away from landfills.
  • Negotiate hauler rates on new contracts and renegotiate rates on existing contracts.
  • Monitor monthly trash hauling bills to identify errors.


Even if your community is located in a franchised state, adjusting the collection schedule, changing container size, and increasing recycling could save money. You may be locked in to rates stated by law, but there’s always room to save money through right-sizing your service.


Here’s a good example of what negotiating your bill can do: one member, a national property management company, saved over 1 million dollars over a 4-year period just by renegotiating their trash hauling contracts.


Innovia saves communities money. Our exclusive waste broker program ensures no cost to identify savings potential or to right size your service and they work off of a competitive shared savings model. Our Co-op leverages thousands of businesses using this opportunity as a means to provide your single community with competitive rates that you won’t achieve on you own, even if you’re working directly with a Waste Broker now. Contact us today to see what our exclusive programs can do for your community.