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Another great member has come on board. Please join us in welcoming…

As an industry leader, CAMS is dedicated to providing the highest quality community managers and staff to the associations they serve. CAMS is committed to making sure their team is trained and certified to deliver a superior level of guidance and expertise to their associations.

We’re happy to have CAMS and their team as part of our great alliance and are looking forward to all the great energy they’ll bring to the cooperative.

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Another great member has come on board. Please join us in welcoming…


FirstMark Real Estate Services LLC (“FirstMark”), in affiliation with George Street LLC dba Century 21 American Heritage Real Estate (“Century 21”), is a state of the art, full service property management company focused on Association as well as Multi-Family, Residential and Commercial property management.

With over “Dedicated to providing the Insight You Need and the Service You Deserve”, FirstMark provides the industry leading level of service and is clearly the low cost provider in the market. Best service and lowest cost – that equals real value to the Board and residents of Your Community.

We’re happy to have FirstMark and their team as part of our great alliance and are looking forward to all the great energy they’ll bring to the cooperative.

RecoverHoaDues.com has a 52.4% national success rate working with over 500 law firms, property management companies, and community associations nationwide.


Member Testimonial

Bob Klages · Operations VP · Community Property Management

“CPM uses RecoverHoaDues.com and we’ve found their credit-reporting-based process has prompted many homeowners to get current in their assessments. RecoverHoaDues.com has also given CPM an additional income stream, as we add a monitoring fee to oversee their service for our Associations. Its been a great addition to our collection practice due to their ability to affect homeowners’ credit scores!”



RecoverHoaDues.com is a collection agency, which uses credit reporting to motivate homeowners to pay their delinquent homeowners association dues.

Homeowners are always instructed to pay their association (or its agent) directly, so RecoverHoaDues.com never touches the Association’s funds, nor will they negotiate balance settlements.

All services are performed for a one-time flat fee of $20* or less per delinquent account.

RecoverHoaDues.com uses a phone and letter campaign, skip tracing, and an attorney written demand to communicate to homeowners the importance of making payments directly to their association (or its agent), in order to avoid being credit reported to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

RecoverHoaDues.com upholds compliance with all Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau statutes and regulations, protecting community associations and their agent from such responsibilities.

The managing agent and/or board members are provided live online access to review all interactions with homeowners, including internal notes from collection operators’ phone conversations with homeowners. This system can also print detailed progress reports, displays actions taken, and provides skip tracing results to assist further collection if required.

The New York-based company takes a “softer approach” to recovering past dues and liens. Richard Slater, Director of HOA Operations, states that Community Associations are finding a solution in an old time-tested financial lever — credit reporting — to motivate delinquent homeowners. This intermediate consequence works in 52.4% of the cases wherein it’s used, with the remaining cases going on to an association’s legal counsel for any lien and foreclosure action.

The firm charges the managing agent $20* or less to collect a single account balance. This approach in the majority of cases prevents HOAs from having to file liens and foreclosure, something many volunteer boards struggle with approving despite their need and obligation to collect assessments.

An owner settling their debt timely and directly with their association is a win/win/win. Not only can the Managing agent enhance its service offering to clients by offering this as an additional collection option, struggling owners also avoid expensive punitive action they legitimately may not be able to afford (in addition to their assessments), and associations collect much needed revenue sooner, without the exposure of a large upfront investment for collection.

This “credit” based approach has proven successful in encouraging members, who are able but unwilling to pay dues, to write a check before getting credit reported as a collection account. Credit reporting is always at the discretion of the Association’s Board.

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SBB Management Company (SBB) was founded in 1974. SBB manages over one hundred seventy (170) community associations in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. SBB is one of the longest continually operation association management companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. SBB emphasizes creating and maintaining partnerships with associations by providing personal service, attention to detail, and an enduring commitment to the community association industry.


Our philosophy is simple.

“Each community association in partnership with SBB Management Company will receive the best in customer service and creative leadership.”



SBB is an Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC®).


We’re happy to have SBB and their team as part of our great alliance and are looking forward to all the great energy they’ll bring to the cooperative.

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AMG is an Accredited Association Management Company® (AAMC®). Our Associates and Principals are operators by background, fully certified, licensed and insured in full service Community Association, Financial and Project Management, bringing a hospitality resort edge to resident services, serving the most demanding clients in North, Central and South Florida. With offices in Pembroke Pines, Boca Raton and Fleming Island – Jacksonville, we are here to serve.

AMG offers cutting edge People First resident services and technology, a fully interactive user friendly website with a web-base of operations for all our credentialed Community Association Managers to easily obtain and provide the information that a Board of Directors needs in order to make accurate decisions.

Jonathan Louis, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, LSM
Chief Executive Officer
9050 Pines Boulevard, Suite 480
Pembroke Pines, Florida 33025
(954) 458-5557 Ext. 224 Phone
We’re happy to have AMG and their team as part of our great alliance and are looking forward to all the great energy they’ll bring to the cooperative.

At one time or another in your life you’ve most likely been through a background screening. They’ve become increasingly popular over the years as organizations are continually on the lookout for new ways to mitigate their risk, and conducting background checks is an effective and easy way to do so. Researching the histories and stated capabilities of individuals is always sound business practice and it applies to tenants and vendors as well!


Conducting background screenings on prospective tenants or employees demonstrates that the owner of the property or business is taking reasonable measures to mitigate future problems. Failure to conduct the most basic of background screening places any organization at risk for a lawsuit. Particularly if information about a tenant or employee’s past criminal history was not discovered because a background check was not done.   The immortal words of President Ronald Regan “Trust But Verify” should be the mantra of every employer hiring an individual or any landlord or leasing agent renting out an apartment or home. Accepting an applicant’s word on face value is commendable, however, the prudent employer, landlord or leasing agent understands that verification of the information submitted on the application of an applicant is vital for maintaining a safe environment.


Partnering with a respected and capable background-screening firm can make all the difference when it comes to conducting these checks. Consider the background-screening provider as a partner who has your best interests in mind. The company should be customer friendly and focused on providing you with the most accurate report on your applicant. The background screening company you use should have trained research staff who are knowledgeable, friendly, and readily available. The best background screeners have staff members who are experienced, can clearly interpret a reported record, and are eager to assist you with your inquiries.


By partnering with an established background-screening provider, you can help minimize theft in your organization, disturbances in your community, lessen the possibility of violence, demonstrate proper due diligence and protect your organization’s good name!


Background screenings should be part of your comprehensive vetting process for either employment or leasing. Innovia Community Management Cooperative has partnered with the best in the industry to bring you a background screening company you’ll be happy to have on your side. Innovia’s exclusive rates also ensures you’re getting the best price possible for your screenings.


Start your year off right! We are offering you the chance to experience the benefits of a Innovia membership at no cost! No strings, no gimmicks, no commitment! We know you are busy, so we will make it easy for you to use the program and share it with your community members. Contact us today.

With the end of another year drawing near it is a good time to reflect upon your company’s and your communities’ progress over the last year. Did you meet the goals you set? Are you prepared to face the challenges and seize the opportunities of the coming year? Whatever your goal may be it’s often easier to have a partner or, in some cases, many partners on your journey.

We’re here for you, and so are dozens of other management companies and thousands of communities. Innovia CMC is a cooperative created exclusively to empower our members, independent community management companies and self-managed communities just like yours. And we want you to have the gift of a fantastic 2016!

Join our alliance of more than 2,900 Associations and more than a ½ a million unit owners and see how being cooperative can make a difference. By working together with other community associations or management companies like yours you can make 2016 your best year yet.

Our exclusive programs lower operational costs for management companies and associations. They even help homeowners living in your communities meet their household goals through our members-only Perks site providing savings at over 400 national retailers, exclusive home improvement products at wholesale pricing, and much more!

We’re so excited about what this year can bring and can’t wait to have you join us! The time to be better in 2016 is NOW. We are offering you the chance to experience the benefits of a Innovia membership at no cost! No strings, no gimmicks, no commitment! We know you are busy, so we will make it easy for you to use the program and share it with your community members.

Contact us to learn more or call us at 919-636-8472 with any questions.

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season!

Renegotiate Your Waste Costs to Save Money


Trash service can be expensive but there are ways to save money on this expense. This year’s budget may be complete, but how will you handle the increases that will be needed next year? It’s time to lower your expenses!


Waste haulers and recycling companies are complicating your budget – and you may not even be aware of it. Price increases, incorrect bills, missed pick ups, and service charges from your waste hauler are commonplace in the industry, but finding those mistakes and fighting for corrections is time-consuming and painful. And they rely on the fact most communities won’t fight.


Then there are built-in inefficiencies that are never brought to your attention; for instance, did you know it costs more money to make multiple pick-ups each week with smaller dumpsters than fewer pickups with larger containers?


It takes time and effort to manage waste, and so many communities have learned the way to save is by partnering with someone who specializes in negotiating these costs. Waste brokers manage your trash for you. They work on your behalf to streamline your waste hauling processes and increase your single-stream recycling rate.


Expect your program to:

  • Visit your community and perform a complementary audit of your current trash collection and disposal systems.
  • Make recommendations for the right sized equipment to meet your needs
  • Adjust collection schedules so that you are paying to transport only full containers, not air
  • Maximize your recycling opportunities with the goal of diverting waste away from landfills.
  • Negotiate hauler rates on new contracts and renegotiate rates on existing contracts.
  • Monitor monthly trash hauling bills to identify errors.


Even if your community is located in a franchised state, adjusting the collection schedule, changing container size, and increasing recycling could save money. You may be locked in to rates stated by law, but there’s always room to save money through right-sizing your service.


Here’s a good example of what negotiating your bill can do: one member, a national property management company, saved over 1 million dollars over a 4-year period just by renegotiating their trash hauling contracts.


Innovia saves communities money. Our exclusive waste broker program ensures no cost to identify savings potential or to right size your service and they work off of a competitive shared savings model. Our Co-op leverages thousands of businesses using this opportunity as a means to provide your single community with competitive rates that you won’t achieve on you own, even if you’re working directly with a Waste Broker now. Contact us today to see what our exclusive programs can do for your community.


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Another great member has come on board. Please join us in welcoming…
An Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC) through the Community Associations Institute, Westwind is a long-standing, highly respected professional community association management firm.  Along with their exceptional staff, Westwind has been providing personal attention, service with integrity, and excellence in Community Association Management and Accounting to each of the communities they manage since 1986. Currently, Westwind manages 67 clients, which equates to just over 21,000 homes.
Jessica Hanson, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®
Executive Assistant
27 Inverness Dr. East
Englewood, CO 80112
303-369-1800 (x111) Phone
We’re happy to have Westwind and their team as part of our great alliance and are looking forward to all the great energy they’ll bring to the cooperative.

We are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with industry leader Scott Roberts and Associates.
Background Checks, Tenant Screening, 
Employment Screening, Credit Reports
Scott-Roberts and Associates know and understand the importance of gathering all the information you need to evaluate a job candidate, promote the right employee, or find the best tenant.
With over sixty years of combined law enforcement experience and over 20 years of combined experience in the background screening industry, the Scott-Roberts executive team of Andrew J. Scott III and Robert F. Buchholz is dedicated to delivering the ultimate in background and tenant screening products quickly, accurately and with complete customer satisfaction.
The Scott-Roberts trained research staff uses the latest online technology and direct person-to-person contact to ensure that each client, large or small, receives high quality reports and superior customer service. Because the needs of individual companies differ, Scott-Roberts specializes in custom screening packages and hard to retrieve records.
Scott Roberts and Associates are an industry leader offering an unbeatable pricing program on their services. If you’re using any type of screening services you need to talk with us to find out what our new program has to offer.
Get a pricing comparison!