We are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with industry leader Scott Roberts and Associates.
Background Checks, Tenant Screening, 
Employment Screening, Credit Reports
Scott-Roberts and Associates know and understand the importance of gathering all the information you need to evaluate a job candidate, promote the right employee, or find the best tenant.
With over sixty years of combined law enforcement experience and over 20 years of combined experience in the background screening industry, the Scott-Roberts executive team of Andrew J. Scott III and Robert F. Buchholz is dedicated to delivering the ultimate in background and tenant screening products quickly, accurately and with complete customer satisfaction.
The Scott-Roberts trained research staff uses the latest online technology and direct person-to-person contact to ensure that each client, large or small, receives high quality reports and superior customer service. Because the needs of individual companies differ, Scott-Roberts specializes in custom screening packages and hard to retrieve records.
Scott Roberts and Associates are an industry leader offering an unbeatable pricing program on their services. If you’re using any type of screening services you need to talk with us to find out what our new program has to offer.
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