has a 52.4% national success rate working with over 500 law firms, property management companies, and community associations nationwide.


Member Testimonial

Bob Klages · Operations VP · Community Property Management

“CPM uses and we’ve found their credit-reporting-based process has prompted many homeowners to get current in their assessments. has also given CPM an additional income stream, as we add a monitoring fee to oversee their service for our Associations. Its been a great addition to our collection practice due to their ability to affect homeowners’ credit scores!”

——————————————————————————————————————— is a collection agency, which uses credit reporting to motivate homeowners to pay their delinquent homeowners association dues.

Homeowners are always instructed to pay their association (or its agent) directly, so never touches the Association’s funds, nor will they negotiate balance settlements.

All services are performed for a one-time flat fee of $20* or less per delinquent account. uses a phone and letter campaign, skip tracing, and an attorney written demand to communicate to homeowners the importance of making payments directly to their association (or its agent), in order to avoid being credit reported to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. upholds compliance with all Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau statutes and regulations, protecting community associations and their agent from such responsibilities.

The managing agent and/or board members are provided live online access to review all interactions with homeowners, including internal notes from collection operators’ phone conversations with homeowners. This system can also print detailed progress reports, displays actions taken, and provides skip tracing results to assist further collection if required.

The New York-based company takes a “softer approach” to recovering past dues and liens. Richard Slater, Director of HOA Operations, states that Community Associations are finding a solution in an old time-tested financial lever — credit reporting — to motivate delinquent homeowners. This intermediate consequence works in 52.4% of the cases wherein it’s used, with the remaining cases going on to an association’s legal counsel for any lien and foreclosure action.

The firm charges the managing agent $20* or less to collect a single account balance. This approach in the majority of cases prevents HOAs from having to file liens and foreclosure, something many volunteer boards struggle with approving despite their need and obligation to collect assessments.

An owner settling their debt timely and directly with their association is a win/win/win. Not only can the Managing agent enhance its service offering to clients by offering this as an additional collection option, struggling owners also avoid expensive punitive action they legitimately may not be able to afford (in addition to their assessments), and associations collect much needed revenue sooner, without the exposure of a large upfront investment for collection.

This “credit” based approach has proven successful in encouraging members, who are able but unwilling to pay dues, to write a check before getting credit reported as a collection account. Credit reporting is always at the discretion of the Association’s Board.