In addition to our savings Marketplace, everything you need to know you’ll find here. This resource is available to members and their staff and is updated frequently. This site is designed to help our members find what they are looking for easily and whenever they need it. The documents library contains a number of resources for members including Innovia logos, compensation disclosure documents, and templates to be used with boards and homeowners.

ALL SAVINGS PROGRAMS is your portal to find information on the numerous programs available to members. We’ll send out an announcement every time a new program is added and you can contact your Member Services Consultant to enroll.


Connect with your fellow members on a secure site where you can start discussions on a variety of topics, ask questions or share insights. This platform lets all of our members share best practices with each other 24/7, 365 days a year. It also gives you the ability to search the collective wisdom of all of the Innovia members for solutions to your day-to-day challenges.


Innovia offers a convenient way to manage your social media presence. We have two options for you to choose based upon the amount of control you wish to have. Using our Social Boost program we will automatically post articles relevant to your homeowners, as well as industry related articles and information, to your social media sites. If you’d rather post things yourself you can download monthly documents and choose which posts your would like to use on your social media sites.


Periodically Innovia may have webinars or conference calls that relay critical information in a format that allows time for questions and answers. Typically kept to an hour or less these informative sessions are important parts of staying up to date on what is happening.


Innovia University’s mission is to provide learning solutions to our clients that improve their skills, knowledge, and abilities in performing their work, thereby improving business results. Engage the professional services of the University for:

  • Employee Recruiting/Hiring
  • Custom Training
  • Secret Shopping


Get support before, during and after a
disaster of any type through our partnership with Agility Recovery, a national leader in disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. Agility’s solution provides access to the four key elements of recovery including: temporary power, access to internet and phone communications, computer and office equipment, and temporary office space. Agility Recovery will work with Innovia members to institute disaster preparedness planning and, in the event of disaster or business interruption, provide the assistance needed to continue operations.


Monitor your online reputation effortlessly with our RepAlert program. Be aware whenever you are reviewed or mentioned online so you can promote positive reviews and take care of any negative issues effectively. Our system gathers all of the data you need to get a complete picture of your online reputation.

INNOVIA BRAND STORE is your one stop shop for all your promo item needs. Choose from a wide variety of products to bring brand recognition to your company; from polo shirts, to cell phone holders and golf accessories they do it all. All items can be customized with your company’s logo.


Innovia’s marketing toolkit gives you the opportunity to show off the scale and resources you’ve acquired by joining the coop to existing and prospective clients. Present a professional, fresh and distinguishable image to your prospective clients, one that’s sure to make you stand out from your competitors.